November 23, 2022

Extension of collaboration on weld bead inspection – Metrology and Quality News

SmartRay, a leading manufacturer of 3D sensors for quality testing and weld bead inspection, has entered into a global partnership with international expert and technology developer for welding technology ABICOR BINZEL.

The cooperation creates synergies for intelligent automation in welding technology, for example, for the automotive industry and other manufacturing sectors. In January 2020, SmartRay agreed to cooperate with ABICOR BINZEL in some countries, especially in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China. Now the partnership has been confirmed, sealing the cooperation on a global scale.

Worldwide, requirements for functionality, safety and quality of welded components are increasing. The decisive factor for long-term safety is the weld bead and the direct combination of welding technology with weld bead inspection was the next logical step. Since 1945, ABICOR BINZEL has set the industry standard for arc welding technology and expertise in MIG/MAG and laser welding processes, as well as other welding processes. Throughout this period, ABICOR BINZEL’s experts have developed expertise for complex manufacturing. processes, such as battery trays for electromobility, where different welding processes are used on the same component.

SmartRay’s highly efficient 3D in-line inspection system, JOSY, offers the highest precision in laser weld inspection for this purpose. Many leading companies in the automotive industry trust ABICOR BINZEL for welding technology and JOSY for weld bead inspection. The cooperation aims to make the combination of systems even more efficient and to link them in a future-oriented way. ABICOR BINZEL’s 38 service and sales companies around the world, with a team of highly qualified experts, help with their proximity to the customer by using existing experience with laser triangulation sensor technology.

Bernd Lorösch, Business Unit Manager for JOSY – weld bead inspection at SmartRay – said: “We are proud to implement these projects with ABICOR BINZEL. Through this partnership, we gain valuable professionals in the field of welding technology who provide important insights. Moreover, by working in a network with ABICOR BINZEL, we can act better and more efficiently for our customers all over the world.

From ABICOR BINZEL, CTO Prof. Dr.-Ing. Emil Schubert added: “We are pleased to have found the perfect partner in SmartRay as the global technology leader in optical weld inspection, which adds the crucial point of ‘end-of-line’ inspection to our extensive portfolio of welding technologies and makes us the only full-service provider of welding technology.

“The cooperation also adds an important piece of the puzzle to our activities to bring welding technology into the era of digitalization. We can feed inspection data back directly into production to better understand and control the influence of different process parameters on the welding result. In this way, the welding processes of our customers can be sustainably and continuously optimized.explained Dr. Andreas Kahn, Global Director of Laser and Sensor Business at ABICOR BINZEL.

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