December 1, 2022

Eva Under Fire – Critique of Love, Drugs and Misery

Label – Best Noise Music

Release – September 23, 2022

Genre: Rock


Line up:

Rob Lyberg

Eva Mary

Chris Slapnik

Corey Newsom

Edward Joseph

List of tracks:

Blow (ft. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills)
With or without you
Another shot in the heart
The strong
Death of me
Coming for the Blood (ft. From Ashes To New)
Comatosis (ft. Jonathan Dörr from Ego Kill Talent)
Give me a reason

When the world shut down, many bands in the music business didn’t know what to do next. Many chose the right path, no pun intended, others decided to do virtual gigs, and many had albums pending that hadn’t been made before things came to a halt. Finally, many bands were able to release long-awaited material that never could have been before. You add that to busy touring schedules and it’s madness at the moment.

Eva Under Fire of Detroit Rock City is one such group. Led by singer Eva Marie (Amanda Lyberg), who moonlights as a rocker by night, but is a therapist by day. The long-awaited release “Love, Drugs & Misery” follows up on a success already garnered with their single “Blow” featuring Ice Nine Kills Spencer Charnas. The single has over 6 million streams on Spotify alone. Singer Ava Marie was also featured in the horror film “The Retaliators” alongside a host of other rock big names in the industry. The new album has taken years to prepare, and it’s their second release since their debut in 2015.

But the awards alone are one thing, how would the music measure up?


I have to honestly say I was most interested in the writing/lyrics here as I can only imagine being a therapist can provide a new perspective on the things we humans deal with every day; like life, death, sorrow, etc. It’s easy to understand some of these things in Eva Under Fire’s music, as they permeate the songs on the new album.

Songs like “Misery”, “Heroin(e)” and “Comatose” all hit on a different level when you read the lyrics. The chorus lines of “Mysery” are excellent, and the break before the brief guitar solo is excellent. I dig the more powerful sounds of “The Strong” because it delivers a powerful message in its silver lining. Even with a more commercial vibe, this one sounds like another hit for the guys. The single for “Heroin(e)” was Better Noise’s preferred choice as a debut single and it’s easy to see why when you read Amanda’s background, another awesome and powerful song.


Sonically, the guys play a tight hybrid of rock, metal, pop and classic rock. Is it something new or revolutionary? No, not really, but the quality of the songs are outstanding, singer Eva Marie’s powerful voice is certainly seductive, and as we mentioned before, the writing presents a unique perspective on topics related to mental health and to personal relationships and turmoil and if you know Amanda’s past, you will experience the musical successes on a very personal level.

All in all, the record has certainly been polished and produced to hit the charts and after a long wait and a few years of cutting your teeth in the underground scene, it’s a welcome sight to reach that level. Not at all surprised if you keep hearing more Eva Under Fire, well deserved, and more to come!!!

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Shadow Editor

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