August 10, 2022


Heavy Rock band based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ETERNAL FREQUENCY released a dark, cinematic, sci-fi-infused official music video for their new single, “Step Up.” Produced by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland of Headset audio, the music video for “Step Up” was directed and edited by Tom Flynn.

“’Step Up’ is our hardest hitting, heaviest material to date and it is sure to be a game changer. The song screams female empowerment and refuses to be pigeonholed in the industry. The concept video was created from the minds of Emelle (Lead Vox) and Justin (Lead Guitar) and inspired by Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, Blade Runner and CyberPunk. Emelle and the other members of Eternal Frequency are fugitive prisoners of conscience from an as-yet-unknown organization trying to take them down one by one. Why they are wanted as fugitives is a mystery until the story begins to unfold throughout the video. “Step Up” is Chapter 1 of a three-part fictional series that the band envisioned as a short while writing the songs. Emelle and the gang must find out who is hunting them and why. Or maybe… just maybe… are the hunted actually the hunters? – ETERNAL FREQUENCY

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Founded in early spring 2018, Eternal Frequency is an original five-woman hard rock band from central Pennsylvania (alongside local heroes Poison, From ashes to new, Fuel, INHABIT, August burns red). They follow in the footsteps of acts such as Spiritbox, Halestorm, Evanescence, and others. Blending influences from Metalcore, Hard Rock and Active Rock, Eternal Frequency brings a new energy which is also dominated by vocalist, songwriter and vocalist Emelle. In just under three years as a band, they’ve released several studio singles as well as music videos including “Temptations”, “Parasite”, “What Are We Waiting For”, “Head Like A Hole”, and their very own cover. popular of Queen “The Show Must Go On” (all proceeds go to NIVA – National Association of Independent Venues) to the masses and garnered nothing but positive energy and criticism from their followers. They have amassed a massively strong following in the Pennsylvania area and garnered attention in several regional markets.

They are currently recording with several grammys nominated producers Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak of Atrium Audio (From Ashes to New, August Burns Red, Wrong, LIVE, Galactic Empire, Polaris) and experienced videographers Square Up Studios (Lorna Coast, ATTILA) and Tom Flynn (All that’s left, lamb of god, 10 years, fire of the gods, Metal Allegiance)

On the production side, they had the pleasure of sharing the stage with established artists such as Of mice and Men, Adelitas Path, FUEL, Empty soul smile, Vixen, and Sponge, For fallen dreams, finally wake up, Eyes ready to kill (to name a few). They also won the award for Best New Artist to Central Pennsylvania Music Awards 2019 and had the pleasure of honoring Halestorm (inductees) with their rendition of “Familiar Taste of Poison” at CPMA 2020. Additionally, EF was nominated for Best Hard Rock Band and song of the year.

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