June 22, 2022

Eleven-year-old Aussie’s online magazine features women’s sport Global Voices

Screenshot — Meet the 11-year-old girl who started her own magazine | Video Studio 10

In another story of wellbeing from below, Australia’s youth are leading the way. An eleven-year-old Australian from Sydney has created an online magazine about international women’s sport.

Abbie decided to embark on this adventure after discovering that there were no sports magazines for girls. So she created Her Way:

Her way Issue 1, October 2021

Her Way Issue 1, October 2021 — Image courtesy of Abbie (Her Way Magazine)

It costs the lowest price of AU$2.00 (US$1.50) and half will be donated to UNICEF Australia’s Empower Girls Through Cricket appeal.

Rugby union player Katie Brown, who plays for South Sydney Football Club, interviewed Abbie for her Real Talk podcast.

Abbie was also featured in Studio 10 of the national network Ten Network:

In addition to the magazine, Her Way has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. They are organized with “parental supervision”.

Abbie is no stranger to being center stage. At the age of eight in 2019, she was nominated Auskicker of the Year in the Australian Football League (AFL), appearing in a national television interview with 7 million viewers. The YouTube version is available here.

That year she also played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in a half-time match in the AFL Grand Final. Later, Abbie presented a premiership medal, joking to the player receiving it, “you’re pretty good for a boy”. She tells the whole story in issue 1 of the magazine.

2019 AFL Grand Final Medal Presentation

2019 AFL Grand Final Medal Presentation – Photo courtesy of Abbie (Her Way Magazine)

Abbie has contacted international stars in a range of sports. Hannah Green, Australian golfer and winner of the 2019 Women’s PGA Championship, was featured in the first issue, with more interviews to come in future editions.

This eye-catching tweet, warning fans of a daylight saving time change, was thanked by the Australian women’s cricket team that conquered it all:

She has other high profile fans:

Abbie is ready to challenge the biggest media players in sports coverage. This tweet clearly targets the priorities of a national television network:

She has plenty of supporters online who agree with her:

Global Voices asked Abbie about the magazine and about herself.

Kevin Rennie (KR): Why did you choose the online magazine format for your project?

Abby: Initially, I wanted a real magazine, because I love collecting magazines. But we decided to quickly get it to people all over the world and keep the cost very low, online was the best. Also, young people all have screens now, so it’s an easy way to read it.

KR: How is your team made up? Where does technical support come from?

Abby: It’s mostly me and my dad. He helps with a bit of research, and all the photos are the ones he took when we go to games or meet people. Proof of mom reads it and did a lot with the site to buy it.

KR: What other plans do you have, publicly or personally, such as career/study paths?

Abby: I’m not too sure about the career. It certainly gave me some ideas on how to get involved in sports journalism if I don’t end up playing sports professionally. But I would also like to work with hearing impaired people, animals or children. There are many things I would like to do.

KR: How does it feel to challenge the major media players?

Abby: I only did it because it’s something I’m passionate about, and I created something that I wanted to read and I thought other people would too. I didn’t really think of anything else about it

KR: Do you have any other comments on Her Way’s journey so far?

Abby: The reaction was much greater than I thought. I probably thought 20 people might like it. But having people all over the world buy the magazine and people wanting to interview me, that was really cool but unexpected.

Abbie’s adventure comes as other young Australians are causing a stir online: three Melbourne teenagers are inspiring the public with their COVID-19 data tracking website.

It’s great to see young people leading the way for the future of Australians. Abbie is doing an amazing thing!