September 28, 2022

Eaten by Sharks – Eradication Review

Published by: Independent Liberation

Release date: August 26, 2022

Genre: Death Metal


Line up:

Matt Sherriff – Vocals

Chris Chaperon – Guitar

Dan Okinowinsky – Guitar

Tyler Abrams – Bass

Justin Whitehead – Drums

List of tracks:

1 – Shallow waters

2 – Deadweight

3 – Kill and consume

4 – Same face, different mask

5 – Underwater Grenade

6 – Top Predator

7 – Megalodon

A concept album about sharks. Looks like good metal to me. The concept is developed further as the group wants to invoke feelings of fear of being victimized by a society where sharks infiltrate the world and attack mercilessly. It feels like real life to me.

“Shallow Water” puts the drop-out by immediately crushing you to classic death metal. My advice: don’t go in the water! ‘Dead Weight’ crashes to death with some tech guitar lines for shit and giggles before ‘Kill And Consume’ edges closer to metalcore with pit-inducing thrasher. “Same Face, Different Mask” launches into a nasty groove that twists and turns through some serious guitar work before “Depth Charge” features bassist Tyler Abrams for a bit of noodles, then they go wild with a some brutality with drummer Justin Whitehead slamming everything at your fingertips. ‘Apex Predator’ begins with a massive stomp and then continues into another round of tech death. ‘Megalodon’ is a heavy as hell banger and a perfect way to end this beast.

I’ve only recently started to appreciate more extreme metal like this, and I like it. It’s got great energy and the sounds are visceral – kudos to all, as it’s a great release and will be a great addition to anyone’s death metal collection, besides Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and Dying Fetus.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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