September 28, 2022

Dynazty – Final Advent Review

Released By: AFM Records

Release date: August 26, 2022

Genre: Melodic Metal


Line up:

Nils Molin – Vocals

Mike Laver – Guitars

Rob Love Magnusson – Guitars

Jonathan Olsson – Bass

George Egg – Drums

List of tracks:

1. Power of Will

2. Advent

3. Natural Born Killer

4. Yours

5. All the Demons Are Here

6. White

7. Instinct

8. Heart of Darkness

9. Achilles heel

10. The power of the moment

When it comes to modern melodic metal with addictive choruses, consistently excellent songwriting and killer performances, one of my favorite bands over the past decade has been Sweden’s Dynazty, who blew my mind in 2014 with their fourth album Renatus and hasn’t come even remotely close to disappointing me since. Although their last albums haven’t been as shocking as this album, the band have maintained their superb quality over the past few years, with their previous album The Dark Delight in particular being my favorite since Renatus. Their eighth album Final Advent is now here (after some delays earlier in the year), and after several listens, I can safely say that it not only keeps up the string of outstanding albums, but proves to be the one of the best of the group. out again!

Since Renatus, the band have continued to develop and build upon the modern melodic metal sound they introduced with this album, initially focusing on elements of power metal and heaviness, before subtly changing and getting a bit lighter in recent outings. This trend was particularly noticeable on The Dark Delight, which still had plenty of punchy riffs, but was also the band’s slowest release since their big change, being rather more trance-infused than ever, while still having plenty of more relaxed melodies. . heavy metal tracks. That’s somewhat true of Final Advent, although where a few previous albums felt a bit more laid back compared to previous albums, it’s easily their most energetic album since at least Titanic Mass, with the majority of the tracks being very fun and upbeat, even if only a few of them fully venture into power metal territory.

One thing that carries over from previous releases is the emphasis on keyboards, which are often very colorful, high energy and full of playful melodies, used to drive the majority of the tracks on this album. Although there are still some heavy riffs throughout the album, as well as excellent solos, for the most part the guitar work is relegated to a rhythm guitar role, being a constant presence but not a main driving force. The performances are excellent across the board as always, Nils Molin in particular being at the top of his game, delivering some of his loudest, fieriest and most passionate vocals to date, and the production is equally first class. .

There’s a good variety of tracks, with some fast power metal tracks, a fantastic ballad of symphonic metal, some lighter and more melodic heavy metal tracks, and lots of trance-infused tracks that are very upbeat and energetic, without be heavy or fast enough to be considered power metal in its own right. Anyway, the songwriting is fantastic across the board, and as usual the band follows a fairly simple formula, with each song using the initial verses and chorus to lay the groundwork, before really launch into the solo section and the final chorus. As predictable as it may be, they pull it off so well that it ends up working spectacularly every time, just like it did on the few previous releases, with some of the tracks here easily ranking among my personal favorites of the band.

Prior to the release of the album, the opening track and second single “Power of Will” had been one of my most played tracks for some time, as I found it so addictive and enjoyable that I constantly played on repeat over and over. Needless to say, it works just as well on the full album as it does on its own, if not better. It starts with super catchy keyboard melodies to lead the way to a rhythmic opening verse, with great vocal hooks, beautiful rhythm guitars and, of course, fantastic vocals, only intensifying with a fantastic chorus. where Molin shines, especially during the fantastic predictable final run at the end of the track. Although largely a vocal and keyboard track, Mike Lavér and Rob Love Magnusson still have plenty of room to shine with their excellent guitar work, especially during a very intense but super melodic. All in all, it’s an amazing track, definitely one of my favorites from the band, and yet I don’t even think I’d say it’s the best on this album!


Then comes the first single “Advent”, which I found at first to be a very solid track, if not as incredible as I expected from the band, although it grew in me a lot over the course of the last few months. It’s a more laid-back, mid-tempo track that combines a heavy riff with the usual playful and very melodic keyboards. The verses are fun and do a great job of grabbing the listener’s attention, while the chorus is spectacular and one of the best here. Next is fourth single “Natural Born Killer”, another more upbeat track, with very bouncy keyboards during the verses, giving the song a strong trance metal feel, although the beat picks up and the guitars are more noticeable during the chorus, which is very catchy and addictive as usual.

The tempo drops a bit for “Yours”, the only ballad on the album. With a vocalist as talented as Nils Molin, it doesn’t take much effort to make a great ballad, but the band certainly didn’t cut it on this one. It has some nice and relaxing keyboards to set a great backdrop, as well as sweeping symphonic arrangements that get more epic and intense as the track progresses, and although it’s largely a a softer track overall, there are riff-heavy bursts here and there, as well as some great melodic guitar work, especially during the absolutely gorgeous solo section in the second half. The highlight is Molin, however, and he shines as always, with a very powerful and emotionally resonant performance, which only gets better as the track progresses. The band have done some great ballads in the past, but this is their best yet.

After that massive climax, one would be forgiven for expecting a drop in quality, but nothing like that is in sight, with “All the Devils Are Here” being another fantastic track. It’s one of the most upbeat tracks on the album, with a good mix of energetic keys, heavy guitars and fantastic vocal melodies. It reminds me a lot of “Heartless Madness” from the previous album, although it’s a bit faster and has a slightly more complex chorus, which is also one of the catchiest and most memorable on the album, with an absolutely killer voice melodies. Next is “The White”, another faster-paced track with great keyboard melodies and a fantastic chorus. It’s a little lighter than the previous track, but it’s still a very fun track, with some fantastic vocal melodies, especially during the chorus, as well as an irresistible lead guitar melody. The beat slows down slightly once again with “Instinct”, a mid-paced track that has the album’s heaviest lead riff, which reminds me a lot of some of Renatus’ more guitar-heavy tracks, though the opening verse instantly falls into light pop territory with very bouncy keyboards and vocal melodies, while the chorus is simply outstanding, building momentum as it goes, with some of the best lyrics and vocal melodies of all the scrapbook. It’s a bit darker track in tone and sound, but it’s still just as engaging and catchy as any of the other tracks here and it’s one of my personal favorites.

Moving on to the home stretch, “Heart of Darkness” is another faster-paced track, with high-energy verses, punchy guitars, playful keyboards, and a very fun chorus. The darkest track on the album is “Achilles Heel,” which has a strong heavy metal feel, including the lead riff that gives off Metallica vibes. It’s a more atmospheric track overall, striking a good balance between guitars and keyboards, and while the chorus is great as always, it feels slightly more subdued than usual, with the bridge section in the middle being the point where Molin manages to show himself. his talents. The album’s close is “Power of Now”, the fastest and most powerful metal-infused track on the album. Once again it strikes a great balance between heavy lead guitar work, super energetic and colorful keyboards and excellent vocal melodies, with the triumphant chorus being one of the album’s biggest highlights, and well whether it’s the shortest track here, it’s also my most played, because it’s quite simply one of the most addictive and irresistibly catchy tracks the band has ever written, and it ends perfectly the scrapbook.

Since Renatus, Dynazty have been one of my absolute favorite bands in all of metal, with subsequent releases only reinforcing that. Final Advent is yet another massive triumph for the band, proving to be a more than worthy sequel to the masterpiece that was The Dark Delight. Fans of the band should fall in love with this album instantly, while any new fans looking for high-level melodic metal with elements of power metal, as well as symphonic arrangements, trance keyboards and excellent vocals, would highly recommended giving this album a listen, along with everything else the band has released over the past few years.

Rating: 10/10

Written by: travis green

My overall mind – Personal editor

Travis Green is a Canadian writer for My Global Mind, with a particular passion for power metal, as well as an interest in metal in all its forms.

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