December 1, 2022

Dead Daisies – Radiance Review

Label: The Dead Daisies Pty Ltd

Genre: Hard Rock

EU release date: September 30, 2022

Line up:

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple/Black Country Communion) on vocals and bass

Lead guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake/Dio)

Rhythm guitarist David Lowy (Mink/Red Phoenix)

Drummer Brian Tichy (Outsider/Ozzy Osbourne)

List of tracks:

Face your fears
hypnotize yourself
Shine on
born to fly
kiss the sun
not human
Roll on

If my memory serves me right, it seems almost a decade ago The Dead Daisies kicked off with their first title in 2014. We first covered them live in 2013 at The Underworld Camden, programming that made noise at the time. That starting lineup consisted of Dizzy Reed (yes, he’s famous for G’N’R) and the same with Richard Fortus and frontman John Stevens on vocals. What seemed like a promising collaboration at the time, I don’t think even successful rock star businessman/musician David Lowy could have predicted that the band would continue to kick ass years later.

The rotation of very well-known musicians kept the music strong and they somehow made it work. Typically you just don’t see that kind of chemistry when it happens, but considering all these guys like Marco Mendoza, John Tempesta, John Corabi, Doug Aldrich and Deen Castronovo, etc. are all seasoned rock vets, not surprisingly bit.

But it’s not just any All-Star supergroup, the guys have cut their teeth touring the world extensively and gaining even more followers. Now with their 5th album in the works, “Radiance” is a testament to the continued appeal of all band members involved over the years. Although I have to say having Doug Aldrich since 2016 on guitar has definitely cemented their sound more on each album.

What will their 5th offer bring this time around? Well, for starters, you’ve got the heartbreaking voice of Glenn Hughes back for more. I don’t know how many 71-year-old singers can still sing songs with his punchy range, not many for sure. Yes, I know his voice has declined a bit over the years, but I’ll be screwed if that doesn’t make a difference as this is again a highlight of this record for sure. Glenn is not only a real dude but he is a legend in the business, any deal with him involved is a must!!! The guys are bringing back drum machine Brian Tichy who’s been in the band on and off for years. To the winner goes the spoils as they say.

Let’s get into this joint. The first track “Face Your Fear” erases all doubts that DD music does not rip. You can hear Tichy’s wild pounding on the drums, groovy as hell. Glenn still sounds as good, his range is still as solid as a Rock!!! And the bluesy shreds are courtesy of Doug Aldrich. The second single “Hypnotize Yourself” provides a simple riff, a more laid back approach to it, but still draws the listener in with a nice groovy hook. The fat groove of “Radiance” comes out sparkling with super addictive melodic hooks from Hughes, and Tichy adds a nice heavy layer to the drums. Glenn’s moans in “Born To Fly” bring flashes of Zep in “Immigrant Song” in places, an odd comparison but that’s what it is. The song is excellent on its own without a doubt.

The Black Sabbath-esque beat in “Cascade” stands out as another cool track. A nice straight rocker with a medium grainy undertone. The final song “Roll On” is an interesting choice to close things out, as this one charms in its slow ballad style, a nice change of pace for the closer as it drips with Glenn Hughes melody.

I feel like with The Dead Daisies the recurring theme is always “keep going”, the machine has been oiled and greased for a long performance. Whoever they bring in, basically the land has been laid and paved for years now. While I could listen to Glenn Hughes all day (though he may be on hiatus while Black Country Communion records their 5th album in 2023), and Aldrich’s addictive hooks, I think what makes the band welded is the professionalism of all the veteran rock musicians involved. You know what you’re going to get with the band, solid rock, melodic hooks and killer grooves. You can’t go wrong with “Radiance” another welcome addition to the Daisies catalog!!!

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Shadow Editor

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