September 28, 2022

Dead City Ruins – Shockwave Review

Published by: AFM Records

Release date: August 19, 2022

Genre: Hard Rock


Line up:

Steve Welsh
Tommy Cain
John Blanchard
Thomas Murphy
Nick Trajanovski

List of tracks:

1. Preacher
2. View
3. Madness
4. Speed ​​machine
5. Rain
6. Dog on leash
7. This side of the dirt
8. Wanderer
9. Spiders
10. End of line
11. Blood Moon
12. The Sorcerer

Dead City Ruins, Aussie Rockers are here for the thrill. In 2015, they sold their goods and decided to go around the world in music. Maybe it wasn’t a bad decision, because a group of confident guys has a sound that’s sure to be a firestarter for any Hard Rock fan. The influences go very far, but I hear fragments of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and yes Rival Sons among others. The guitars are fast, the vocals are in your face, a modern slice of Rocking Humble Pie. The drums are aggressive and the bass sounds magical and groovy throughout.

Opener “Preacher” is a smashing slab of Hard Rocking, groovy, tight and hair-raising. The upcoming “Vision” rocks with an infectious Skid Row-inspired vibe. A superb rhythm and refrains titillate my senses. The uptempo churner “Speed ​​Machine” single; is another treat to hear as the pick riffs here introduce another cool rocker. More infectious melodies fly in the wind in “Rain”, a more laid-back rocker with a slick guitar solo. This one had a good accompaniment and the Welsh vocals once again stand out in the treble.

Packed with a new singer in Steve Welsh, who previously toured YouTube impersonating other famous singers, it looks like they’ve found the right guy for the job. This guy can really sing pretty much anything. The spitfire vocal onslaught continues in “End Of The Line,” with a prominent back-and-forth riff, a nice, powerful chorus line, and the buildup of groove leads into a juicy solo. “Shockwave” saw American producer Gene Freeman aka Machine take over the mixing desk after working with Lamb Of God, Clutch and Crobot and it shows on the final mix like all the songs

In the end, Dead City Ruins is brimming with groove and thrill, attitude and thunder. A big screen of patented Hard Rock with enough diversity in its core to hook you from the start. Apart from a few average mid-range tracks, the Aussie team proves they’re possible suitors for one of the hard rock scene’s fresh new faces. One you’ll definitely need to add to this year’s standout release checklist. Put it back in your Rocking goodies bag!!!

Written by: shadow editor

Rating 9/10

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