December 1, 2022

David Zwirner announces partnership with literary magazine The Drift

David Zwirner today announced a partnership with a two-year-old literary magazine The drift which will see the premier gallery become the major funder of the triennial publication. Zwirner’s involvement will allow the magazine to plan for years ahead, take on bigger projects, and establish itself as a platform for new voices and ideas. The drift will maintain complete editorial independence under the arrangement. Starting in the spring of next year, David Zwirner will host an annual gala for the magazine.

The drift was founded in June 2020 by recent Harvard graduates Derivative Kiara Barrow and Rebecca Panovka, co-editors of the publication. The magazine appears in print and online and focuses on culture, literature and politics. During its brief existence, it became known for introducing and nurturing emerging young talent, especially women and people of color.

“We have long admired David Zwirner’s incredible roster of artists, his innovative programming and his ambitious and multifaceted publishing projects. We are honored and very grateful to have the support of such an important cultural institution,” Barrow said in a statement. “So farThe drift works on a small budget. This partnership will allow us to make the magazine more sustainable and continue to provide a platform for new voices and new ideas for many years to come,” Panovka acknowledged in a statement.

“I discovered The Drift in 2020, as a contributor to their second issue,” Lucas Zwirner said, “and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.” Zwirner cited the gallery’s commitment to “nurturing an ecosystem of dialogue and criticism” and noted that “magazines like The Derivative are essential to a healthy culture of discourse, and we are honored to be able to support their mission to bring young voices and innovative ideas to the fore.

Among the collaborations The drift will explore with the gallery is an interview with Barbara Kruger, which will appear in the magazine’s Fall 2022 issue.