November 23, 2022

David Readman – Critique of Jellyfish

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Release date: August 5, 2022

Genre: Hard Rock


Line up:

Guest: Many

List of tracks:

Mrs Medusa

Those who have fallen

dead generation

Turned black

Shelter from the storm

change the world


Children The Thunder

summer wine

king who lost his throne

When we talk about outstanding singers in rock, one name that cannot come out of people’s mouths is the talented vocalist David Readman. His vastly underrated catalog would surprise any newcomer unfamiliar with his work. From his stint in underrated band Pink Cream (PC69); which started in 1995 to his work with Voodoo Circle and even his versatility in the progressive metal project with Adagio. His work speaks for itself. But when it comes to his solo output, Readman’s first solo hasn’t been heard since his arrival in 2007, some 15 years ago. But don’t be fooled for a minute if you thought his new solo album titled “Medusa” wasn’t going to blow your mind and remind you why he remains one of Hard Rock’s strongest voices, because a peak at the new album and you can already tell that it will be highly praised.

Crowdfunding has allowed many indie bands and artists to find a manageable way to get their music out into this vast ocean of potential, often unforeseen due to lack of budget and/or lack of public interest. from major labels. What better way to engage new and old fans than to get help from your fans to get started? It’s proven to be a surefire way for many artists to deliver new work and delight fans as they access personal interaction and more music for your most fanatical. I think it works very well for many artists who depend on their funding to make music. let’s face it, living off the land that is this crazy music industry now, is hard and many have day jobs that don’t revolve around music. Readman went with crowdfunding for this solo project and it worked out really well. His appeal to the fanbase worked, and in the pandemic world we’ve been through, it was hard to get along with a label, so choosing this avenue smartly was a smart move. Making a solo record is that much closer to his heart the more personal touches are cemented into the release; not to mention the fans who feel much closer to the material made this way. Readman managed to secure the necessary funds and we have them here, folks!!! Is it worth the wait? Yes yes for sure!!!


Early on, you get a banger of a tune in “Madame Medusa” and Readman comes out firing on all cylinders. This tune here sounds like something that could be put on any PC69 greatest hit. A fast-tempo melodic burner, David’s vocal range is fantastic and the hooks on this song are what he’s made a staple of throughout his long career. Kudos to the guest vocals of Jessica Conte on this track, great stuff. Great opening!!! The hardest accelerating beat continues to pound through “The Fallen,” another track that features Readman’s powerful vocals soaring. The guitar solo here is particularly noteworthy, lovely uplifting and ascending anthemic hooks throughout this one. The groovy mid-tempo “Turned To Black” is another highlight for me, with more quality melodic hooks. The intro keys lay a nice foundation in “Shelter From The Storm” because Readman, without fail of his sounds like iconic legend David Coverdale, I’m not much for comparisons but his voice can often be compared to the great singer of Whitesnake. This is another outstanding song that keeps the flow of the record strong, the choruses and guitar solo are very strong in this one.

The soulful chorus and spine of “Mary Jane” has a nice 70s vibe, the guitar riff in this one is pretty cool, and the trippy lyrics bring a witchy lady vibe to the tune. The shifting beat of “Children of Thunder” is another standout track, as Readman continues his solid vocal work here by providing spitfire lyrics; and the tasty rhythm has you headbanging throughout. The choruses of “Summer Wine” have perhaps one of the most infectious vocals on the record, David flies high as his highs are superb, which only benefits the song even more. The music as a whole is terrific on this track. As good as anything I’ve heard all year.

His second solo offering was definitely worth the wait and having cool musicians on board like Roland Grapow, Simone Mularoni and Eric Ragno, among many others, only adds more credibility to the overall production and release. final. The mix was done by the awesome Dennis Ward, so no surprise as to the quality of the product here. Overall the record flows well and it goes too fast, you know you have a banger here while most of the songs are great and just rock out. Much to the surprise of anyone who has followed Readman’s career, most of his material is still top-notch. Hopefully this one ends up on many top albums of the year lists because it deserves recognition. Can we have another one please?

Written by: shadow editor

Rating 9/10

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