December 1, 2022

Dave Audé – Motions – 360 MAGAZINE

Hear from the Grammy Award-winning producer, DJ and remixer Dave Aude discuss his debut album and illustrious career with Vaughn Lowery on 360MAG podcast HERE.

Originally from Los Angeles Dave Aude is a Grammy Award-winning producer. Currently, he resides at Nashville with his beloved wife and three children. In the early 90s, he was best known as the co-founder of Moonshine Music.

Aude has produced a plethora of highly acclaimed artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Madonna. With 13 number one singles on the Billboard Dance Music Charts, he has remixed hundreds of songs.

In 2010, Audé was nominated for a Grammy for his remix of Dean Coleman, “I want you.” In 2016 he won for his Bruno Mars makeover of “Uptown Funk.” Dave admits the best part of the Grammy’s, “Knowing I’m nominated.” The DJ adds: “Obviously also winning and taking the trophy, but to really be the first, to be nominated by someone and everyone to vote for you, and to qualify for the last five is really incredible.”

David Audé’s professionalism and rhythms reflect his characteristic ease in the field of mathematical electronic music. With more than twenty years of experience, this veterinarian maintains his methodology, “The real emphasis is on the artist and the song”, admits David.

Audacious Records produced an unprecedented 135 Billboard Dance #1 tracks. In 2015, the imprint was ranked #1 on the independent label. Lately, they keep releasing hits like “This Is Our Time” and “Break Out”.

In 2021, he was appointed musical director of the Pussycat Dolls Tour. Today, he is the Grammy Co-Chair of the Nashville Chapter.

As the ultimate remixer, David provides the sound solution. With a solid background rooted in artist development and musicality, he co-wrote and co-produced Kill’em with Kindness by Selena Gomez as good as Shaggy and Sting only have one life.

Over the decades, he has earned a reputation as a master remixer and producer, delivering chart-topping results. Audé is constantly experimenting with different genres, evoking melodic magic for her fans around the world. In 2021, Audé received her third GRAMMY nod for “Best Remixed Recording, Featuring Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato on “I met him last night.”

Subsequently, David Audé made the decision to make his own musical card. According to Dave, “I just decided I wanted to do my thing and have an album. I really wanted to sit down and write a bunch of music with my friends and put out my own album.” Audé’s chameleon-like abilities allow him to succeed in all genres, from pop to country and electronic to rock. When asked about her most beloved tracks, “They’re all my favorites for different reasons.” Plus, for David, the dance genre isn’t strictly for clubs, it’s the soundtrack of life. “These days, dance music can be heard everywhere, it’s for brushing your teeth, waking up in the morning, preparing breakfast, etc.” shares the megastar.

A few tips for budding music producers:

  • “Sometimes the long road is the road to take.”
  • “You need to gain experience and meet people.”
  • For all those people who want to work in music: “It’s really about knowing that you want to do something with music, you know, stick to it, keep in mind what your goal is, what is your end goal.”

Article: Andrea Esteban, Vaughn Lowery