September 28, 2022

Council of Vic puts truckers on notice

Wyndham City in Melbourne’s west is asking truckers of heavy and long vehicles to stop parking in residential streets and recessed bays along streets.

The trucks, often used for freight and commercial services, pose a safety risk to residents according to the council.

He blamed air and noise pollution from air brakes and pre-start idling in addition to road deterioration from increased heavy vehicle movement.

Wyndham City Community Safety portfolio holder Susan McIntyre said the council takes safety seriously and as such will continue to patrol what it considers “sensitive areas”.

“We appreciate truckers having a business and a livelihood to maintain, but they must park legally, act responsibly and respect neighbors – heavy and long trucks were not designed to be parked on the streets residential,” McIntyre said.

“Heavy and long vehicles can endanger the safety of residents when they obscure the line of sight of drivers exiting their driveway into road traffic, they also reduce the visibility of children and adults who must cross the street ahead the stationary trucks,” she said.

McIntyre also objected to the damage caused by the trucks to local road infrastructure due to their weight and size.

“Road safety audits will be undertaken as necessary to determine whether signage prohibiting the parking of trucks is necessary in sensitive areas,” she continued.

“Drivers should consider ‘park and drive’ options to park their vehicle overnight in secure heavy-duty and long-vehicle parking areas. Drivers interested in these options should contact the Council.