October 7, 2022

Cold Spring Harbor student develops her own literary magazine

COLD SPRING HARBOR, NY — A junior from Cold Spring Harbor High School is giving young writers around the world the opportunity to get their point across.

Jessica Wang, 17, launched Ice Lolly Review, an online literary magazine, in August 2020. The name comes from her eye for writing which “sticks” and comes in “different saccharine flavors and styles”, she said. she told Patch.

Wang, who has been writing since seventh grade, said her magazine’s mission is to raise the voices of young people. Ice Lolly Review, since its inception, has garnered over 650 submissions from 28 different countries and 29 different US states. Authors must be between 12 and 26 years old.

The magazine is currently accepting submissions for its ninth issue through May 31. New issues come out every two months on the Ice Lolly Review website and feature around 20 stories each.

“It’s so gratifying, because sometimes I get emails telling me how great a job I’m doing and how Ice Lolly Review is their first publication,” Wang said. “It’s worth it. It’s also good for my craft, because writers learn by reading, and reading all these fantastic pieces, I really feel like I’ve improved my own style and my craft. I I can read all these different styles, genres and experimental poems, and it’s really rewarding.”

Writers who submit a submission to icelollyreview@gmail.com can expect a response within two weeks. One of the site’s nine editors will review the pitch and decide if it should be published on Ice Lolly Review. If the story isn’t suitable for the magazine, Wang will reach out to the writer and possibly share ideas for other magazines he can submit it to. If a story is accepted, Wang will let the author know.

Once it’s time to prepare the issue, the team uses an app called Canva to design the magazine before publishing it to the website.

“My favorite thing is when I finish an issue and put it on the website, send an email to the authors telling them that their work is done,” Wang said. “Everything fits together and fits together like the pieces of a puzzle. It’s so satisfying. It makes me really proud and happy.”

Ice Lolly Review recently entered into a writing competition called the “Campaign Competition”, which accepted work from writers between the ages of 12 and 18 on social issues. The competition featured over 140 writing articles from 12 different countries and 16 different states, addressing topics including Asian hate crimes, feminism, Black Lives Matter and climate change.

Wang funded the contest with earnings she had won from previous writing contests she had entered and donated $150 to the winners, as well as $150 to nonprofit charities like The Bail Crisis and Doctors. without limits.

The magazine has been listed on Duotrope, Newspages, PublishYouth, and Scholastic Art and Writing Resources.

Wang plans to major in creative writing when she goes to college and said she is also interested in filmmaking. She has not yet applied to universities.