December 1, 2022

Chez Kane – Powerzone Review

Published by: Frontiers Records

Release date: October 21, 2022

Genre: Melodic Rock


Line up:

Chez Kane – Voice
Danny Rexon – All Instrumentation

Additional musicians:
Jesse Molloy – Saxophone

List of tracks:

I just want you
(The things we do) When we’re young in love
Move on
love gone wild
The children of tomorrow are gone
power area
I’m ready (for your love)
At national scale
streets of gold
guilty of love

Photo credit: Danny Rexon

80s nostalgia has always managed to somehow survive thanks to the countless number of bands and hits that ruled radio and television for years at that time, many of which are still circulating today. in what is called “mainstream/radio media”. ”.

Many of your peers can no longer hide the influences of where and where they grew up, hard to deny that 80s rock didn’t play into so much. Whether you think the style was cheesy or flamboyant, probably all of those things, one thing you can’t deny is the number of hits this era produced. So it’s natural to see bands from today still influenced by bands from yesteryear.

UK newcomer Chez Kane is certainly one such artist, having already had a groundbreaking debut album released in 2021, many in the scene have us eagerly awaiting the second release. So there you have it, can she manage to overcome the sophomore spell?


Things kick off from Hot and Heavy with the single “I Just Want You” which portrays a sense of nostalgia and a vibe that sucks you in with a bit of the Sleaze and Melodic Rock we’ve come to expect from Chez. Well balanced on all instruments, his soaring voice of Kane is always perfect. The tongue and cheek groove of “Rock You Up” screams a bit of Def Leppard in its riff and chorus lines. The up-tempo rocker “Love Gone Wild” is a hot number on this one, with a more polished sound to hear, while the bright keyboards can be heard mostly as well as some saxophone action courtesy of Jesse Molloy.

The high beat of the album’s title track hits just the right time, with higher rising vocals from Kane, this is where her debut took control on the most upbeat tracks, she can really sing in the octave, which I think accentuates perfectly with the Hard Rock sound. One of the best songs on the disc. The cool beat of “Nationwide” is another radio-friendly track, with the cool euphoric undertones of AOR/Melodic Rock at its heart.

I think overall it’s a really good sophomore product, the production is solid and while I think the music in some places was designed to ‘play it safe’, it’s in the together a worthy sequel to its sensational debut. Big credit goes to Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx) for handling all of the instrumentation on the record in the same way as the production. It’s often not easy to find originality and freshness in a genre that has been imitated so many times, but that should never harm the material and facts are facts; Chez Kane is a wonderful singer who deserves your attention. Check it out!!!

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Shadow Editor

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