December 1, 2022

Cerrone – Cerrone by Cerrone – Retro Pop

Released: October 14

Godfather of Disco Cerrone collaborates with the biggest names in dance music for a revised set of his classic hits and fan favorites.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary as an artist, the set sees great pop revisit 16 singles and fan favorites, reworked by guest collaborators and all mixed by Cerrone himself.

Opening with the 1977 cut give me Lovethe album covers excerpts from his extensive repertoire, which includes an impressive 23 studio albums, released between 1974 and 2020.

With the updated productions, what stands out from the set is the enduring quality of the music, which sounds as fresh and relevant today as it did during the pop legend’s heyday. .

This is of course the mark of a good song, and as the current disco revival continues, the album brings to mind the brilliance of tracks such as Love in C minor, I am music and – of course – the UK Top 10 hit Supernatural.

His late 1970s work charted new territory for disco music by fusing electronic synthesizers and traditional symphonic orchestrations in a way that had never been heard before, and which ‘Cerrone By Cerrone sometimes lacks. ‘ is the raw sheen of those early recordings, with the newer releases – though sounding – often sounding ‘airbrushed’ in comparison.

Throughout his four-decade career, Cerrone has collaborated with numerous artists, such as Nile Rodgers, Toto, Laura Branigan, Jocelyn Brown, LaToya Jackson and Axelle Red, with his works being sampled and interpolated by artists such as Daft Punk , Modjo, Bob Sinclar. , The Beastie Boys and Run DMC.

To celebrate the project, he releases the brilliant new single love summer in collaboration with one of today’s hottest producers and remixers, Purple Disco Machine, proving that the disco legend still has the music in him.

“I’ve had the privilege of being sampled many times over the years, and this track means my music now spans five generations, thanks to the many talented artists and producers who have been part of my work,” he smiles. .

“I was immediately taken with the work of Purple Disco Machines when I first heard it. With this collaboration, he once again succeeds in helping to spread the spirit of disco.

While revisiting Cerrone’s catalog is a nice exercise in nostalgia, we’re itching for new material for what’s (hopefully) yet to come – we’re ready and waiting!

‘Cerrone by Cerrone’ is available now.