September 28, 2022

CCPD Officer Receives Third Lifesaving Award

Please join us in congratulating CCPD Officer Carolina Serwy on receiving the Lifesaving Award for the third timeone of the Department’s highest honours.

On January 20, 2021 at approximately 12:00 p.m., Constable Serwy was dispatched to the 300 block of Cultural Park Boulevard regarding a suspicious vehicle parked in the median. The anonymous caller told the dispatcher that the vehicle had been parked and running for approximately two hours, with no one seen entering or exiting.

When Constable Serwy arrived, she found the driver/sole occupant slumped and unresponsive. When she informed the dispatcher, she pulled the 6’3” 230lb. driver’s seat male. He was unconscious, not breathing, and had no pulse. As the dispatcher briefed firefighters and EMS, Officer Serwy began CPR. Before FD/EMS arrived, Officer Serwy was able to resuscitate the man, who now had a weak pulse and agonal breathing.

After the firefighters/EMS arrived, they administered Narcan and provided additional lifesaving measures. After several minutes of working on the man, he regained consciousness and became alert and oriented before being taken to hospital for further treatment.

Constable Serwy’s quick and decisive action to get the man out of the vehicle and begin CPR was instrumental in his surviving this incident. Constable Serwy received the Lifesaving Award from Chief Tony Sizemore accompanied by Deputy Chief Michael Catania.

Public Affairs Sergeant Julie Green, Deputy Chief Michael Catania, Officer Carolina Serwy, Chief Tony Sizemore