December 1, 2022

Candlemas – Sweet Evil Sun Review


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Release Date – November 18, 2022

Line up:

Johan Langquist – Vocals

Lars Johansson – Lead Guitar

Mappe Bjorkman – Rhythm Guitar

Leif Edling – Bass

Jan Lindh – Drums

List of tracks:

1 – The magician of the vortex

2 – Sweet Evil Sun

3 – Battle of Angels

4 – Black Butterfly

5 – When death sighs

6 – Scandinavian gods

7 – The voodoo devil

8 – Crucified

9 – Goddess

10 – A Coffin Mug (Outro)

La Chandeleur can rightly be called a legend. Their first album was released in 1986, but they had taken a different form since 1982. Here they are forty years later with the original line-up back together, over the years the one constant has been bassist Leif Edling.

Photo credit: Linda Akerberg

Opening with the huge riffage – what else did you expect? – from ‘Wizard Of The Vortex’ the male voice of Johan Landquist is above the crushing guitars. towards the end, it’s all about crooning Landquist and noodle Edling. The title track has you banging your head to an evil riff courtesy of Lars Johansson and Mappe Bjorkman before the slower “Angel Battle” which is a slow/fast/slow doom classic with a great jerky solo from Johansson and the obligatory sound. of heavy rain, an ominous bell. “Black Butterfly” is classic doom, then “When Death Sighs” sees Avatarium’s Jennie-Ann Smith share the vocals, making it doom, theatrical, and darkly melodic. ‘Scandinavian Gods’ is simple, effective, full of lead and is bound to be a live favourite, then ‘Devil Voodoo’ brings out the acoustics for a spooky intro before heading off again on another powerful riff. ‘Crucified’ kicks off with a good dose of melancholy before the huge chugging machine picks up again throughout, driven by Jan Lindh who smashes his snare drum into pieces and another that will go live well. ‘Goddess’ is a waiting epic with a jaw-dropping mid-section that everyone will be looking forward to, and then the final ‘A Cup Of Coffin’ outro is 75 seconds of pure fate.

Black Sabbath didn’t influence many, many bands influenced several whole genres of heavy music, but very few of these bands made the sound their own. No one sounds like Candlemass and here they’ve created another slice of classy doom metal – it’s not all slow and soupy – it’s heavy and melodic but, as only Swedes can do. It’s right there with their debut. A great outing by a band that does what it does best.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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