December 1, 2022

Betty Boo – Boomerang – Retro Pop

Released: October 14

Betty Boo doesn’t miss a beat as she bounces back with ‘Boomerang’ – her first studio album in three decades.

The rapper rose to prominence in 1989 when she teamed up with the Beatmasters to Hey DJ / I can’t dance (to that music you play) – their point of view on Martha Reeves & the Vandellas I can’t dance to this music you play – before signing a deal with their Rhythm King label and launching his own solo career.

Score a pair of Top 10 smashes with do do it and Where are you baby?she’s attracted legions of fans with her playful rhymes and irresistible pop hooks, and 30 years later, she’s back doing what she does best with an all-new 12-track set.

Throughout his first two albums, ‘Boomania’ (1990) and ‘GRRR! It’s Betty Boo’ (1992), the hitmaker has mixed samples of classic recordings throughout her tracks, and in launching her new collection, she’s stepping back in time with take me to the weekend – the opening track of ‘Boomerang’ – which contains references to The Human League’s Action of love (I believe in love).

It’s a nod to the past that evokes Betty Boo’s early career while firmly placing her sound in 2022, with an overall sense of nostalgia that matches current chart trends.

Throughout the set, she draws inspiration from a plethora of musical styles, from nods to disco to feelgood. Shining star to elements of indie rock on the David Gray collaboration Right next to you.

He is part of a trio of collaborations on “Boomerang”, alongside the single with Chuck D Miraclewhich marks a looping moment for Betty Boo who caught the Public Enemy star’s attention early in her career.

Highlighting her versatility as a true musical chameleon, she also surrounds herself with Sophie Ellis-Bextor for a joyful duo version of Shining starwhich goes perfectly alongside more pop songs like Stop Your Nonsense (Bubblegum Pop) and the glorious title song Boomerang.

Thematically, much of the new LP centers around the long-awaited return of Betty Boo and the record is packed with plenty of self-referential moments, including the brilliant No one can bring me down verse: ‘Uh oh, that’s how I roll / It’s the BE-double-TY and the B and the double O / I’m gonna stay in your hole / Lose my mind cause it’s gonna explode.’ Other tracks feature an uplifting narrative emphasizing self-confidence, love and acceptance, with cuts such as Super star embrace diversity and stand up for outsiders: “If you got it, show it baby / You can be yourself / You got the lead in my movie / There’s no one else”

Perhaps the most contemporary soundtrack on the LP, All I wanna do is dance is an all-out electronic jam that sees Betty Boo in the middle of a party: ‘Uno, dos, tres cuatro / Take a picture on Instagram / Everyone feels loco.’

It’s one of many playful numbers that see her go wild and have a good time, with 808 and Never too lateboth of which pay homage to his love of music.

This is a head on the album closer Hell yeah!which sees Betty Boo celebrate living in the moment as she fully embraces a comeback that’s been going on for decades.

It’s a joyful moment and one that doesn’t come a day too soon, as she says herself: “I made the record I should have made when I was 25.”

That in itself is what is so perfect about “Boomerang”; When an artist returns after a long period of absence, you never know what to expect, but on her new collection, the essence of Betty Boo is alive and well and on hand to spread some joy whose the world needs so much today.

She’s having a great time, we’re having a great time – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

“Boomerang” is available now.

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