December 1, 2022

Behemoth – Opvs Contra Natvram Review

Genre: Extreme Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release date: September 16, 2022

Line up:

Nergal – Lead vocals/Guitar

Orion – Bass/Backing Vocals

Hell – Drums

Seth – Guitar/Backing vocals

List of tracks:

1 – Post God Nirvana

2 – Malaria vulgata

3 – The Immortal Sun

4 – Ov My Herculean exile

5 – Neo-Spartacvs

6 – Disinheritance

7 – On the road to war

8 – Once upon a time there was a pale horse

9 – Your eternal becoming

10 – Versvs Christvs

Has it been 31 years since Behemoth main man Nergal decided that the extreme metal of the day wasn’t extreme enough? He set the record straight with four demos in two years before the full debut album. Since then, the group has become legendary and has been cited by the Polish authorities for Blasphemy! Good work! So much for freedom of expression.
Nergal said that with this new release he had no time constraints like the previous albums, so he refined all the songs to the best of his ability, which took 12 months.

Opener ‘Post God Nirvana’ takes you on an unsettling ride with Nergal’s barbed sermon set to ominous drums and the odd crunchy riff before ‘Malaria Vvlgata’ explodes into a brutal beast that ends abruptly for the moment. even more metal/choral explosion of ‘Le Soleil Immortel’. Latest single ‘Ov My Herculean Exile’ gets more doom before we get some real metal and dare I say groove on the fantastic ‘Neo-Spartacvs’. ‘Disinheritance’ takes its time to get going, but when it does it vibrates and has a searing lead break, then it’s ‘Off To War’ which has a wonderful orchestration courtesy of Jan Stoklosa and his orchestra, plus a murderous riff and a profanity – a certain melody! “Once Upon A Pale Horse” is dark metal that leads to the rabid, pure evil of “Thy Becoming Eternal” which has a major groove and more of that orchestration. The final track ‘Versvs Christvs’ begins with a few menacing major piano chords under Nergal’s malevolent whisper that sends shivers down your spine, then later it bursts open to a massive black metal extravaganza with beats explosives and raging guitars.

My knowledge of the black/death metal genre is minimal – I know what I like, and I like it. It’s bold and cheeky and it feels like a band that has no boundaries or restraints – they just create pure art. Unfortunately the recent reviews haven’t been too favorable but I say ignore them and give it a try because the more you listen to it the more you’ll find out plus it sounds awesome thanks to the legendary Bob Ludwig who mastered the disk.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed By: Smudge

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