August 10, 2022

App digitizes supply chain vehicle inspections Metrology and Quality News

Automated vehicle inspection expert DeGould has announced the launch of its DVM application enabling the entire vehicle supply chain to digitally record damage from anywhere in the world.

The DeGould DVM app will enable vehicle dealerships and carriers to perform accurate, transparent and consistent digital vehicle inspections. The guided inspection allows the recipient to accept the vehicle’s condition or throw an exception. Once an exception has been captured and raised in the application, it is immediately available for the OEM or Claims Manager to view in the DeGould Dashboard. Uploading the inspection to the DeGould dashboard completes the digital vehicle passport of the new vehicle. Compatible with iOS and Android and supporting multiple languages, the app is set to revolutionize vehicle claims management.

Dominic Start, Software Manager at DeGould, comments: “This application has been in development for four years. Its development would not have been possible without the support of some of our long-time customers, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley Motors and Ford Motor Company, so we are delighted to be able to roll it out now. Our customers are now using the app all over the world and we are constantly developing and improving the software with their valuable feedback. »

In the coming months, DeGould will add more features to the app, including Offline Mode, which will allow users to log damage while not connected to the internet and upload the data to the cloud when reconnected. which is invaluable for users working in large complexes.

DeGould’s app is used in multiple Ford locations, including California. Commenting on their experience, Miguel Osuna, Caruso Ford-Lincon in California, USA, said: “The DVM app is a perfect tool that made receiving vehicles very easy. »

Mathew Holloway, CEO of DeGould, comments, “We have already seen that by using the app and removing paperwork from the supply chain, customers can improve their efficiency when reporting damage to received vehicles. We can’t wait to see the impact this will have on the industry, and I’m thrilled that DeGould continues to lead innovation in the automotive industry.

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