August 10, 2022

A message from the editor of BBC Music Magazine

Dear reader,

In just a few weeks, the coronavirus has dealt a severe blow to all aspects of our lives. Schools closed, hospitals overwhelmed, lockdowns imposed and, at the time of writing, cases on the rise. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this terrible disease.

In the arts world, concert series, festivals and all kinds of live musical creations have been put on hold… The arts world is reeling from thousands of canceled events and many are struggling to come to terms with life outside of the road.

Musicians, however, are responding with good spirit, many of them delivering programs to vast online audiences via the wonders of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. Armed with little more than a smartphone, a tripod, a broadband connection and a bit of imagination, many have brought heartwarming gigs straight to our doorstep.

You can read about some of them in the May issue of BBC Music Magazinesent to the press on March 26 and on sale from April 16, the first issue in our 30-year history to be produced entirely remotely.

Many of you will struggle to get your magazine in stores – that’s why we’ve put together a no-commitment way to guarantee you get the next issues. With a small one-off payment, we can send the next three issues to your home – and delivery will be at our expense. You’ll still save on the shop price and you won’t have to set up direct debit, so it’s absolutely risk-free. If you order before March 29, you’ll receive our May issue, so you won’t miss a thing.

If you live in the UK and want to set up direct debit, we can offer you even bigger savings on your first six numbers.

Click here – or call 03330 162 118 and quote the code SPR3MPG.

In the meantime, keep in touch with us, as we continue to bring you the magazine of our various spare parts, kitchens and studies. We love hearing from you and hearing about the musical discoveries you’ve made while cooped up at home. Email us at music@musique-classique.comor contact us Facebook, Twitter Where instagram.

Above all, take good care of yourself.

Best wishes,


Olivier Condy

Editor, BBC Music Magazine

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