June 22, 2022

3D Systems to Acquire Titan Robotics – Metrology and Quality News

3D Systems announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Titan Additive LLC (Titan Robotics), the designer and manufacturer of large format industrial 3D printers based in Colorado, USA. As the market leader in pellet-based polymer extrusion 3D printing technology and the only manufacturer offering hybrid tool head configurations, Titan Robotics provides solutions to its customers by developing process-specific application using Titan’s unique Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. With this acquisition, 3D Systems will extend the strength and breadth of its polymer AM solutions portfolio to address new applications in markets such as foundries, consumer goods, service desks, transportation and sports. automotive, aerospace and defense and general manufacturing.

“As the leading additive manufacturing solutions partner in the industrial and healthcare markets, 3D Systems is committed to meeting the widest possible range of our customers’ AM production needs”, said Dr. Jeffrey Graves, President and CEO, 3D Systems. “With the addition of Titan Robotics’ unique extrusion technology, we will be able to meet our customers’ needs for large build volumes, higher performance and improved productivity at a significantly lower cost. With the innovative modular approach of their printers and the ability to use both pellet and filament product forms in an open architecture with widely available polymer production systems, we believe the rate of Industrial 3D printing adoption will continue to accelerate. Combining the engineering and applications expertise of Titan Robotics with the global reach of 3D Systems’ sales, service and applications teams, we are well positioned to supporting our customers in all of our markets.

Titan Robotics is the only manufacturer to offer hybrid toolhead configurations that include pellet extrusion, filament extrusion, and a spindle toolhead for precision finishing. These configurable systems provide the customer with great flexibility to choose the best combination format to meet their application needs. The resulting solutions can provide large industrial parts using heated build platforms and chambers ranging from 30″ x 30″ x 45″ (762mm x 762mm x 1143mm) to 50″ x 50 ” x 72″ (1270mm x 1270mm x 1829mm) with print speeds of up to 30,000mm per minute. As a customer’s application focus expands into the future, the Titan modular system can be easily upgraded to accommodate new materials and product configurations to better meet their targeted performance and cost objectives.

“The Titan Robotics team is thrilled to be part of 3D Systems’ world-class organization, as the Titan leadership team of Clay Guillory, Bill Macy, Maddie Guillory and myself are committed to continuing the Titan’s mission to change the landscape of traditional manufacturing with production additive manufacturing solutions”, said Rahul Kasat, CEO of Titan Additive LLC. “We are excited about the synergies this acquisition will bring to expand the adoption of industrial 3D printing across a wide variety of manufacturing industries, as pellet-based extrusion and hybrid manufacturing systems become the new standards for production applications.

Pellet-fed direct 3D printing opens up a wide selection of material options, with hundreds of commercially available formulations ranging from low durometer (soft) resins to high performance and highly filled resins, such as high fillers carbon fiber and fiberglass. This allows customers to not only select the ideal material for their application, but also realize potential cost savings of up to 75%. The combination of fast production and short cycle times and lower costs makes these solutions ideal for a variety of applications including sand casting, tooling including thermoforming, vacuum forming, sheet metal forming, composite tooling, jigs and fixtures for assembly and fabrication operations, end-use part applications such as an alternative to injection molding or for high temperature requirements.

3D Systems expects this transaction to close in April 2022.

For more information: www.3dsystems.com