June 22, 2022

3D scanning at the heart of the automotive industry – News on metrology and quality

In today’s automotive industries, just-in-time and automated manufacturing workflows demand exceptionally high levels of precision, repeatability and traceability. Automotive manufacturers, who work with assembly parts from a wide range of different suppliers, need innovative solutions to ensure that components fit together optimally and guarantee their performance. One set of solutions that more and more manufacturers are adopting are 3D scanners.

Metrology-grade handheld 3D scanning solutions, such as the Creaform HandySCAN 3D scanner and the MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM, allow automotive manufacturers to bring the physical world (parts and components) into the virtual world so that production teams can factory, overseas labs and corporate offices can share critical design information up and down the supply chain.

Flex-N-Gate is a forward-thinking manufacturer in the automotive industry that takes advantage of the enormous possibilities that 3D scanning can offer. Flex-N-Gate provides large stamped and welded metal components, assemblies and plastic parts for automotive manufacturers. In a recent Worldwide Business interview with kathy ireland®, Aaron Boyer, Global Manager – CAD/CAE at Flex-N-Gate, explained that its OEM customers are now demanding that the company use 3D scanning technology to solve quality issues.

Flex-N-Gate currently has 22 Creaform MetraSCAN 3D optical CMMs in five of its factories and has also recently integrated the HandySCAN 3D. The CAD/CAE team is in the running to equip all of the company’s 68 factories with a global 3D scanning solution. Aaron said the automotive industry benefits greatly from 3D measurement technologies because production teams can scan a part or subassembly in real time and get an accurate picture of the root cause of quality issues. Because Creaform’s 3D scanning solutions can be used anywhere in the design process, including product development and design, reverse engineering, quality control and quality assurance. , automotive companies can get to market faster, fix quality issues and reduce costs. .

What distinguishes Creaform 3D scanners is their level of precision and their immunity to vibrations, whether they are used in the laboratory or directly in workshops; 3D scanners can acquire up to 1.8 million measurements per second on all types of complex parts, chrome surfaces, glossy black finishes or composite materials. In addition, the MetraSCAN 3D and the HandySCAN 3D guarantee minimal learning curves. With their intuitive ease of use and ergonomic design, automotive workers of all skill levels, including unionized automotive technicians and inspection specialists, can operate the 3D scanners without the need for in-depth expertise in metrology.

A growing number of car manufacturers are turning to Creaform 3D scanners to gain a competitive advantage, thanks to the high precision and time saving solutions. And Creaform will continue to shape the future of laser scanning in the automotive industry.

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