June 22, 2022

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Second Round of Canadian Right to Repair

It’s time for the second round – a Canadian right to repair bill has been tabled after Brian Masse, an NDP MP representing the riding of Windsor West in Ontario, introduced a bill to parliamentary initiative on the subject on 4 February.

If passed, the bill would ensure that the correct tools and parts are available in the automotive aftermarket in Canada and give consumers the freedom to choose where their vehicles are repaired.

Masse said the bill will aim to accomplish three things:

• Amend the Competition Act to authorize the Competition Tribunal to make an order requiring automakers to provide independent repair shops with access to diagnostic and repair information and replacement parts on the same terms and conditions. the same way a manufacturer makes this information and these parts available to its customers. own authorized repairers;

• Update the voluntary agreement on Canadian Automotive Services Information Standards (CASIS) in place since 2009 to include digital software rights that will cover future innovations and technologies as we move to vehicle and service standards. zero-emission electric vehicles;

• Ensure consumers have the right to choose where they get their vehicle serviced and help the environment by ensuring emissions-emitting vehicles are stronger and cleaner

Masse also noted that right-to-repair legislation would be “good for public safety” because vehicles on the road are repaired and kept in the best possible condition.

This is the first time the subject has come up in the House since the fall 2021 election ended pending right to repair legislation. Masse also proposed similar legislation in 2009.

“I want to congratulate MP Brian Masse for introducing his private member’s bill that will establish much-needed rights for vehicle owners across Canada,” wrote JF Champagne, President of Automotive Industries of Canada. “Currently, car manufacturers own the data transmitted by vehicles, which limits the options of where consumers can have their vehicle repaired.

“This important legislation will put that control back in the hands of consumers, allowing them to choose the service or repair shop that is best for them. Given the previous support of all parties to establish a right to repair, we hope that this bill will receive broad support and encourage its rapid passage.