May 17, 2022

Thursday at Amplified Live in Dallas, TX

Thursday took the stage Thursday night in Dallas with support from Cursive, The Appleseed Cast and Nate Bergman.

Nate Bergman started the evening singing acapella and playing acoustic songs. His first song was a cover of “There’s a Reward” by Higgs and Wilson.Between songs, Nate joked about how he screwed up because his solo career started on March 1, 2020. His first tour was in Sweden when the lockdown actually started and he was stuck there for five weeks, so he used the time to write a lot of the songs he’s playing on this tour. ‘Ode to Manchester’ is about the motel in Sweden that allowed him to stay there for free during the pandemic because he was the only person in the hotel apart from the workers. He ended the set by thanking Thursday for taking him on this run and how weird it would be not to have this tour since he has a dove tattoo which falls on Thursday.

The cast of Appleseed brought a good mix of emo mixed with alternative. The setlist was short and sweet and only had seven songs. The band hails from Lawrence, KS, and has a very unique sound. It’s indie mixed with ambient drones and heavy waves of reverb. This is a band to watch and listen to while soaking up all the sounds.

Cursive was direct support for Thursday. They are a mix of post-hardcore and emo. What was great was that as the night progressed, the music got heavier and heavier, blurring the lines between acoustic, indie, ambient, emo and post-hardcore. Cursive began by stating “it’s hard to believe this tour is finally happening. This whole tour had been postponed and rescheduled even as it was happening. They’re happy to finally get to the final dates so they can keep writing a new record. They played a new song from said record and vocalist Tim Kasher said, “This song is going to be on our new album. It might come out in 2022 or 202.3 who knows. They made sure to play fan favorites such as “Botch Job”, “The Recluse” and ended the night with “A Gentleman Caller”.

On Thursday, frontman Geoff Rickly took the stage with his leg raised using a scooter to get to center stage. Just two weeks ago he had shin surgery after falling off a stage at the end of their set, but that’s not slowing him down one bit. The band hit five of their albums and also played a cover.

The band started with “For The Workforce, Drowning” from the album war all the time, followed by “The Other Side of the Crash / Over and Out (Of ControI).” About a third of the set, everyone but drummer Tucker Rule and vocalist Geoff Rickly leave the stage, and they play the very slow, dramatic “This song brought to you by a falling bomb.“Singer Geoff Rickly did the full version of the album, altering his vocals by moving the microphone away to sound like he was falling from the sky. Everyone came back and seamlessly transitioned to “Fast To The End” from their latest studio album No devolution which came out in 2011.

Midway through the set, the band played a cover of “If it’s here when we come back, it’s up to usby Texas is the reason. Norman Brannon of Texas Is The Reason is currently performing guitar duties on this tour. Between songs, singer Geoff Rickly was in great joke form as he was a little still with the scooter. He joked that “some people here have just been forced to be there by a spouse, like at an emo party they don’t want to be there, but they are happy when they hear “Understanding in a car accident”.

At the time of the encore, the band remained on stage. Rickly said: “Guys, I’m going to be 100% honest with you guys here. There’s a ramp at this end of the stage, and if I go down it on this scooter, I probably won’t go up it, so we’re all gonna hang around here for a minute, then play two songs about New Jersey. The band then finished with two of their most popular songs, “Division Street” and “War All The Time.”

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