October 7, 2022

The all-electric Fisker Pear SUV is expected to be produced in 2024

The all-new Fisker Pear EV is being prepared for production. North American brand business partner Foxconn has invested money in a new 6.2 million square foot manufacturing facility in Ohio, which will begin building the electric SUV in 2024.

Fisker’s pear plans are very aggressive. The company says its new electric car will have a starting price of just $29,900 (about £25,000) in the US, slashing the cheapest version of the Tesla Model 3 by nearly $10,000 at the time. of the editorial staff.

There will be plenty of pears down the road if Fisker gets his way too. The brand expects a minimum production volume of 250,000 cars per year once its factories are running at full capacity, which is ambitious given the age of the company. For comparison, Kia’s Slovak production plant currently produces around 350,000 cars a year.

Fisker’s boldness stems from its partnership with Chinese electronics giant Foxconn. It’s the automotive subsidiary of Foxtron – the company that handles the bulk of Apple’s iPhone production – formed after the company decided to expand its operations to include electric cars.

Foxconn recently launched a pair of electric cars, both based on its new Hon Hai Open platform. The smaller car – a compact SUV called the Model C – appears to be similar in size and shape to the SUV in Fisker’s teasers. It’s possible that Fisker will simply take the Chinese EV, slap some new badges on it, and put it on sale in Western markets.

This strategy would save the company huge amounts of money on developing an in-house platform and powertrain that can meet its aggressive pricing strategy. Fisker also said it will launch another electric car built on the same foundation as the pear, suggesting we’ll soon see a redesigned version of Foxconn’s Model E sedan.

Fisker has not said whether the pear will go on sale in the UK. However, the company recently confirmed some UK pricing for its other electric car, the Ocean SUV, showing that the brand is keen to expand into the European market.

Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker said, “PEAR will integrate the very latest technology into a beautifully designed and affordable urban mobility device. It’s an exciting vehicle and an exciting time for the company as we expand our lineup.

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