May 17, 2022

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Solutions for every application
March 24, 2022

Founded in 1994, Technopartner, an Italian trading company that distributes high-tech products, introduced a new division with a line of sheet metal, plastic and PCB fasteners, as well as related assembly tools.

Based near Bergamo, Technopartner Srl has always sought to be a flexible company, able to quickly assess its products, services and the market, in order to be a reliable partner for its customers. “In addition to the new division with a line of fasteners, we have also opened a vertical warehouse, for better quality and traceability of our logistics service, as well as a showroom dedicated to our crimping machines”, specifies Technopartner. “Thanks to the wide range of products and the constant focus on investment and innovation, we are able to serve the market horizontally, throughout the Italian territory – in particular the transport, automotive , medicine and industry.

Technopartner’s wide product range also enables it to provide a solution for almost any application, with the company able to work with its customers on a variety of projects. “We see ourselves as a solution provider,” says Technopartner. “A true technical partner to collaborate with from the initial phase of the project, to the final solution.”

The experience and knowledge of the company’s product managers, as well as the support it receives from leading manufacturers in their fields, is a key element in this regard. “We are able to work with customers to find solutions for all of their application needs. Thanks to our wide range of products, we can work with every type of customer on every type of application and our large stock allows us to ensure short delivery times.

In addition to focusing on the current market and how it provides first-class service to its customers, Technopartner is also looking to the future and how to maintain its growth, while ensuring quality and support. and top notch service. “One area where we see a very big opportunity is in the replacement of metal parts, which occurs in a variety of industries, such as automotive,” says Technopartner. “We are currently investing a lot in innovative solutions for plastics, two-component parts, as well as composite materials. In addition, we are at the forefront of the industry to offer ready-to-use solutions for electric vehicles.