October 7, 2022

Scar For Life – Sociophobia Review

Published by: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: July 22, 2022

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock

Connections: https://www.facebook.com/scarforlifeband

Line up:

Alex Santos

Rob Mancini

Mark Lynn

List of tracks:

01. In Our Line of Sight
02. Knock Down
03. Desert
04. Get Up
05. Ballerina
06. Don’t Get In My Way
07. Numb
08. Mechanical Hysteria
09. Fly High
10. Send Me An Angel
11. Walk away
12. Spare Bullet

The Portuguese Rock-Metal band Scar For Life is back after a long break, 8 years it seems. We covered their second release in 2010 titled “It All Fades Away” and decided it was a very well made record at the time and a band that piqued our interest. It’s always fascinating to see what bands have to offer when they decide to make music again after so long.

The 5th offering is now titled ‘Sociophobia’ and features the band’s lead founding guitarist, Alexandre Santos, who founded the band in 2008, as well as vocalist Rob Mancini. Line-up changes occur here as well as Marc Lynn (GOTTHARD) on bass, guest musicians Tobbe Jonsson (THE LIGHTBRINGER OF SWEDEN) on drums as well as Darrel Treece-Birch (TEN) on keyboards. Was the long wait worth it? let’s find out.


Things get off to a quick start with single “Strike Down,” a fast, rambling beat that dominates here to set the tone for the rest of the record, much like some of Mr Big’s later efforts. Another good number comes via “Rise Again” which has a more commercial feel, a nice melodic touch in the choruses and a very simple groove, something different from the band. The hooked guitar solo sticks with you and has an eerily similar vibe to Thin Lizzy. Melodic rock visions return in “Don’t Stand In My Way” which features Rob Mancini’s raspy vocals perfectly blending that lovely uptempo rocker with some infectious grooves. One of the stars of the disc. The next smasher that comes through is going through an instrumental, wait what? Yes, you’ve heard that instrumental number “Numb” is a pretty cool mid-tempo thrasher that has a nice drum roll with a few sprinkles in for a nice mid-tempo churner, no vocals needed. Rob Mancini’s voice, for some reason, always reminds me of a mix of Ronnie Atkins and Bob Catley, something about those voices man, works pretty well with this project.

Another number that’s still pretty cool is “Flying High”, which starts with a very melodious entry point, and halfway through the tempo stops abruptly, but somehow this tune works quite well. Melodic rock goodness is delivered via the thumper of “Send Me An Angel”, the build here has TEN written all over it, euphony in all its essence.

One thing I will say is that you never really know what to expect in terms of style when it comes to Scar for Life, maybe that’s why the band, for many reasons, seems to stand out in its own way. The game is very well done, Santos is still solid on the ax work, Mancini’s scratchy vocals work so well in this project because it’s reminiscent of his work in Boneyard Dog, and Lynn’s bass work resonates with some of the works passed from Gottard. I was pleasantly surprised by the consistency of the tracks given the lack of music, but not at all surprised by the quality. Another one to check surely ladies and gentlemen.

Written by: shadow editor

Rating 8/10

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