May 17, 2022

Saanich Wins National Magazine’s Best Dressed Police Vehicle – Vancouver Island Free Daily

The Saanich Police Department’s cruiser design received top honors from a national magazine. (Photo courtesy of Saanich Police Department)

Saanich Wins National Magazine’s Best Dressed Police Vehicle

Clear graphics, color, reflective accents, other safety features among reasons for top spot

The Saanich Police Department is recognized for its stylish vehicle design with first place in Blue Line Magazine’s Best Dressed Vehicle Awards.

“We are very proud to have our vehicles featured prominently in this national publication and hope it will gain national attention for recruiting,” Saanich Police Department Deputy Chief Gary Schenk said.

Choosing a base color of blue instead of black makes Saanich’s police vehicles unique to the region and province, Schenk added.

“The graphics are clean and clear with reflective accents that draw the public’s attention to the vehicle and we believe this enhances our professional reputation in the community.”

A volunteer committee of 12 employees representing all divisions of the department was responsible for creating the design in 2013 when the old white cars were replaced with deep blue. Decision makers included traffic crash analysts who provided insight into ways to increase the safety of Saanich police officers.

Blue Line is a national law enforcement magazine that annually compiles awards based on criteria such as clear graphic designs, direction-indicating elements, and efficient equipment and controls.

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