August 10, 2022

Republic of Korea Army tests Redback

The Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), developed by Hanwha Defense, demonstrated its performance at a media invitation event held on May 27 at a unit of the Republic of Korea (ROK) army. .

The event took place at the end of the ROK Army’s six-week trial of the Next Generation IFV. The ROK Army trial followed the successful testing and evaluation of the Redback last year as part of the Australian Risk Mitigation Activity to select the preferred bidder for the Land 400 Phase 3 project to acquire approximately 400 next-generation IFVs.

During the media event, the armored tracked vehicle showcased its off-road maneuverability through an obstacle course, including a ramp and a muddy puddle. The vehicle also pivoted; turret rotation; and landing of troops.

“The reliability and sophisticated technology of the Redback IFV have been proven in the latest ROK Army Vehicle Test, which should provide a solid foundation for international sales and marketing of the Redback,” said Brig. General Cho Hyun-ki, head of the DAPA maneuver program department.

“At the domestic level, we plan to acquire a Korean version of the Redback that meets the ROK Army’s operational concept and is capable of exhibiting the technology and performance required by the service, as part of a accelerated research and development,” Cho added. “With this approach, the Republic of Korea Army will be able to deploy next-generation IFVs earlier than planned, which will help improve the service’s ability to deploy and sustain the armed forces.”

The accelerated R&D program aims to acquire weapon systems equipped with the latest technologies after verification of the military use of the systems concerned. Thanks to this rapid R&D program, the army is able to shorten the period of introduction of advanced weapon systems to some extent.

Hanwha Defense is reportedly on track to meet potential demands from the ROK military, as the company is expected to conduct durability tests on the Redback’s handling in Korean terrain starting in August this year. The tests should cover approximately 10,000 kilometers of driving over rough terrain as well as paved and unpaved roads.

Leveraging core technologies from the K21 infantry fighting vehicle, the Redback was developed to meet the operational requirements of the Australian Defense Force.

The Redback is also attracting attention from the American and European markets. The Oshkosh Defense Consortium, including Hanwha Defense USA, is attempting to leverage the Redback’s proven capability for the U.S. Army’s Optionally Crewed Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) design effort. Several European nations have also shown in the Redback for their IFV acquisition programs.

“The Redback demonstrated its overwhelming performance during final tests and evaluations in Australia, and the Redback’s final trial for the Republic of Korea Army proved the vehicle’s off-road capability and reliability,” said Lee Boo. -hwan, vice president of Hanwha Defense’s Overseas. Department. “We are confident in the competitiveness of the Redback in the global VCI market.”