June 22, 2022

Qld to tighten electric scooter laws | Western magazine

Queensland has announced a crackdown on e-scooter “cowboys” with speeding and drunk driving on trails that will be banned.

However, the state government is unable to confirm when further reforms will be in place, saying further discussions could take months.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey has said speed limits for e-scooters will be halved to 12km/h on kerbs and warning devices like bells will be mandatory.

Mr Bailey wants police to be able to ‘throw the book’ at rogue riders on the trails.

“These kind of cowboys in the e-scooter community, we want to sort them out,” he said Sunday.

“If you drive too fast in a car you are fined, if you drive too fast on an electric scooter you should also be fined.

“Drunk driving is a problem. I want that eliminated as well. If you’re over 0.05 and you’re not safe on any of those things.”

But Mr Bailey said there was still work to be done to align different enforcement rules for roads and trails, and resolve issues over “is it a vehicle, isn’t it a vehicle”.

Other measures would include creating parking rules to keep trails clear and reviewing shared lanes.

He said further reform was needed with the use of electric scooters in Queensland “nearly double the national rate” since they were legalized in 2018.

“What we find is that a lot of pedestrians feel threatened when they (electric scooters) are on kerbs,” Mr Bailey said.

“One of the main issues that worried me was hearing that people with disabilities felt so threatened that they moved around the community a lot less, especially people with visual impairments.

“Another issue that concerns me is the way they are parked…people with visual impairments, in particular, are afraid of falling on them.”

An e-scooter safety education campaign is planned alongside the new measures, he said.

Australian Associated Press