May 17, 2022

Papa Roach at the Fillmore in Detroit, MI

Papa Roach delivers a powerful post-pandemic St. Patrick’s Day performance to the pickled eyes of mighty Motor City.

March 17th and we ring in another St. Patrick’s Day in the bustling metropolis of downtown Detroit. Tonight is different though, our usual gang of green beer drinkers and happy pearl-wearing hipsters scantily clad (in green under knickers) joined forces with Michigan metalheads young and old, and together, they march as an army of one towards the mighty Fillmore. In the bowels of this historic place we find the Californian rockers daddy cockroach while waiting to crack those eardrums off your noodles with a St. Patrick’s Day shillelagh. Their Killing The Noise Tour 2022 made a “Luck O’ the Irish” stop in Detroit, marking the band’s first return to Motown in nearly two years, and the first time on the Fillmore stage in seven years.

Our hall was packed tonight, as music lovers packed into the sold-out historic theater. Papa Roach brought with them an intricate stage system, complete with stunning lighting and a mega-standard Jumbotron. Fans are eagerly awaiting a 45 minute erection (of the stage), before the stage lights fall into the anticipated darkness. A soft robotic female voice similar to that of Siri speaks to the crowd… “Attention! This is a public service announcement and full participation is required. Now raise your middle finger and repeat after me. F**k Papa Roach. HARDER…you motherfuckers! F**k Papa Roach!” Blazing blue beams ignite the stage and our Jumbotron comes to life as the band kicks off the night with “Kill The Noise”. -troit Rock Ciiiittty! How the fuck are you! to be back on tour with the family.”

Shaddix begins in the lyrics of “Getting Away With Murder”, pointing to the crowd to respond to his first line. Without missing a beat, the crowd nails it. The band follows and the air creaks as Shaddix shouts, “Bring on the crowd surfers, I like it, I need it.” The crowd responds instantly and begins throwing dozens of smiling faces towards the stage. Security quickly gets to work, gently guiding the horde of fans to the ground before escorting them out of the pit. Then we see images of cockroaches on our Jumbotron and PR hits with the double “Between Angels and Insects” followed by “Help”. The band then performs a slick version of the Blur song “Song 2,” and fans go wild as they spin to this infectious groove.

Jacoby clears the ground floor and calls for an old-fashioned mosh-pit to be formed in the center. The crowd welcomes and forms a huge circle and waits for Shaddix’s “go” command. JS says, “This one’s for all my brothers, my blood brothers…” The track is underway when Shaddix gives the order, and then over fifty Michigan metalheads converge in a slam-a-geddon sweat- fest that makes the leader smile.

The group keeps the energies high and launches into “American Dreams”, “Face Everything and Rise” and “Cut the Line”. Next is “Periscope”, followed by the mega hit “Scars”, “Born With Nothing, Die With Everything” and the brand new track “Stand Up” (from the band’s upcoming album Personal achievement). Papa Roach closes the end of the first act with the smasher “To Be Loved” (with a little ode to the Ramones with a “Blitzkrieg Bop” intro).

Our lights go out and a ruse is being prepared. The Saint Paddy’s Day shenanigans have been declared and Shaddix returns to center stage to give the screaming fans exactly what they want – the next words, “Cut my life to pieces…” Pointing the mic up audience, they respond with “this is my last Resort.” The band offers the crowd a three-song encore beginning with “Last Resort”. Next, the team is joined by Carl Roach (the big bug himself), equipped with his trusty saxophone, and members of Hollywood Undead, Funny Man and Scene Charlie. Together they burn the stage with a smoldering performance of “Swerve”. The evening ends with a long version of “Born for Greatness”. That wraps up the most musically memorable Saint Paddy’s Day you can have… right here in Detroit Rock City.

Papa Roach is a highly recommended Loud Hailer concert experience, which will leave you with buzzing ears, a headbanger neck and a mosh-pit shoulder… But know this! You’ll also leave with a big fat smile on your music-loving face! Be sure to catch them on the kill the noise 2022 tour, with many other stops to make. Finally: the band’s new album Personal achievement will be released on April 8 and will be available for immediate download from the band’s official website. Check here for upcoming dates, details and news.

Honk… Rock on!

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