September 28, 2022

Maine News You May Have Missed

rock land

Miranda Cafe, which defines almost as much of a Rockland landmark as the Breakwater Lighthouse, with its funky, neon vibe and flavors as big as the portions, has closed after 29 years in business due to shortage of kitchen staff.


At Lake St. George, Belmont Boatworks launched a prototype of the first commercially available all-solar powered boat, a 24-foot Solar Sal model, which the Maine boatyard built for Sustainable Energy Systems, a boat company in upstate New York.


City officials have rejected a proposal to turn Dice Head Light’s historic caretaker’s cottage into an Airbnb-style short-term rental. The current tenant is a local kindergarten teacher who doesn’t mind the grounds being open to visitors during the day.


Emma Markowitz, a homeschooled high school student, won an award at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta for her work using the antimicrobial properties of honey to treat white line disease, which causes hoof deformities in children. horses.


Senator Susan Collins has listed her 4,250 square foot home in Bangor for $727,000 (it’s down the street from Stephen King’s former home). A spokesperson said the senator and her husband were looking for something smaller, with more land for Pepper, their black lab.

Bar Harbor

Acadia National Park officials halted restoration work on the Duck Brook Road automobile bridge for a month over fears of disturbing mother bats and their young residing in the masonry gaps during whelping season .