August 10, 2022

Industry leaders welcome new Labor government

Australian infrastructure associations have welcomed the new Federal Labor government and look forward to working with the new Prime Minister on industry reform.

Roads Australia (RA) and the Australian Railway Association (ARA), have hailed the expertise of new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in transport infrastructure.

RA CEO Michael Kilgariff said: “The new Prime Minister’s experience as a former minister in the transport and infrastructure portfolios is undoubtedly beneficial to this sector.

“Under the previous Labor Government, the current Prime Minister was instrumental in the creation of Infrastructure Australia and in developing key national transport strategies which have provided a solid foundation on which successive governments have built. supported.

“At a time when our industry is building a record pipeline of transportation infrastructure projects across the country, it will be more important than ever for decision makers in the new government to have an innate understanding of the challenges we face, especially in terms of capacity. ”

Mr Kilgariff said the RA looks forward to working with Mr Albanese to implement procurement reform and skills shortages, accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles and incorporate greater sustainability and opportunities for circular economy in construction and transport infrastructure.

Similarly, ARA Chief Executive Officer Caroline Wilkie said ARA looked forward to working with Mr Albanese to advance a strong rail industry to support Australia’s growth.

“The rail industry is carrying out a major program of work to meet our future infrastructure needs and ensure our sustainable development,” said Ms. Wilkie.

Ms Wilkie said the National Rail Manufacturing Plan and the Labor Government’s National Reconstruction Fund would support the development of increased capacity in Australia’s rail supply chain.

“Policies that support a strong Australian rail manufacturing sector will ultimately lead to better deals for governments and create more jobs in the process,” Ms Wilkie said.

Ms Wilkie said the Labor Government’s commitment to establishing a national infrastructure program and framework, and its strong commitment to faster rail, would maximize the benefits of rail investment in the future.

“A strong national approach to infrastructure development will help industry drive innovation, build workforce capacity and improve outcomes for the economy,” said Wilkie.

“We look forward to working with the government to support a national direction that ensures new projects best meet community needs and future demand. »

Ms Wilkie said the ARA also looked forward to working with the Labor Government in delivering its sustainability programs and skills development initiatives.

The Property Council and the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) also congratulated the Australian Labor Party on their federal victory and look forward to their set priorities.

Property Council chief executive Ken Morrison said: “The Property Council congratulates Anthony Albanese and the Labor government on their historic election victory and we look forward to working with an Albanian government in this next term.

“We have worked closely with Mr Albanese and his senior opposition and government colleagues for many years and know the experience they bring to their new roles.”

Mr Morrison said the Property Council looked forward to working with the Labor government on housing affordability issues and helping Australian cities and suburbs thrive.

The ALC also congratulated Mr Albanese and the Labor Party on their election victory.

ALC Chief Executive Brad Williams said, “We look forward to working with the new government for the benefit of the end-to-end supply chain and the Australian economy.

“However, with global supply chain challenges still impacting the economy, it is critical that the focus remains on supply chain efficiency, productivity and resilience.

“Over the past two years, industry and government have worked closely together to ensure that we continue to move goods and the nation is supplied, fed and fueled and we will continue this effort with the new government. “

Other priorities identified by the ALC include improving driving productivity, implementing reform to guard against future shocks to the industry, boosting the rail freight capacity of the LAC, accelerating the industry’s trajectory to net zero emissions, addressing skills shortages and implementing a national road user tax. to sustain infrastructure investment.

These industry associations also recognized the outgoing coalition government for its leadership and support for the infrastructure sector during the last legislature.