June 22, 2022

Five Win 2020 Whiting Literary Magazine Prizes

The 2020 Whiting Literary Magazine Awards were announced today and were awarded to three magazines and two digital publications. The awards were created in 2018 “to recognize, reward and encourage publications that actively nurture writers who tell us, through their art, what matters,” according to the organization. “The purpose of the awards is first and foremost to recognize excellence, but also to help outstanding magazines reach new audiences, find new sources of revenue and embark on a path of sustainability and growth.

The five 2020 winners were chosen from more than 100 applicants from 37 states in a two-round process. The money awarded in the first year is repeated as a matching grant in the second and third years, provided the magazines can raise equal funds.

This year’s winners are, with citations:

A story (Brooklyn, NY), which has made its mark by publishing only one short story per issue in a small, easily shareable booklet, helping to launch the reputation of authors – but never publishing the same writer twice.

  • Print Prize Winner (Budget $150,000-$500,000)
  • Total price: $60,000

Conjunctions (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY), a magazine on the cusp of its fortieth anniversary that weaves the work of emerging and established writers into a book-length exploration of a resonant theme like “shrines” or “exile”.

  • Print Prize Winner (Budget Under $150,000)
  • Total price: $30,000

Foglifter (San Francisco, CA), an adventurous journal that celebrates queer and trans writing, embracing literary experimentation to challenge accepted truths.

  • Beneficiary of printing development
  • Total price: $15,000

And the 2020 digital winners are:

Kweli (New York, NY), which showcases the stunning and diverse work of emerging writers of color, primarily women, and invests deeply in writers’ careers to expand the literary world of the future.

  • Digital Award Winner
  • Total price: $30,000

Nat. Brut Magazine (Burlington, NC), which combines word and image to explore unexpected and overlooked corners of contemporary culture, fostering an online home for the eccentric, the subversive, the sublime, and the human.

  • Digital Development Grant
  • Total price: $9,000

Applications for next year’s awards are open until November 30.