September 28, 2022

DoAll Robotics Light Receives US Patent Metrology & Quality News

Smart Vision Lights (SVL) received US Patent 11,328,380 B2 for its latest machine vision light innovation and stood out at the recent Automate 2022 conference and exhibition: the DoAll Light. The patent is the latest addition to the Smart Vision Lights portfolio of patented lighting technology related to machine vision.

“Not being able to come together for the past two years made this year’s Automate 2022 conference in Detroit something special,” noted Matt Pinter, CTO, Smart Vision Lights. “But the icing on the cake for us was the incredible reception we received during the first presentations of our DoAll Light for robotic inspection and complex assembly applications. The DoAll does not just combine six types sets of machine vision lights with 32 control channels.It gives users the flexibility and advanced control they need to solve complex assembly and inspection tasks, including deep learning solutions.

The DoAll Light is an all-in-one solution that is unparalleled in its flexibility for machine vision lighting applications. A ceiling light, two darkfield illumination angles, NIR and RGBW ringlights, and a four-quadrant multispectral ringlight are all combined in a single unit. The DoAll Light is particularly useful for robots and other flexible automation systems.

The ring lights can be controlled independently and have red, green, blue, white and 850nm NIR channels that can be mixed for any color or for VIS + NIR inspections. The dome light provides diffused illumination for inspection of electronics and other end features, where hot spots and shadows can be a problem. The two dark-field ring illumination angles provide versatility and can illuminate a wide range of scenes, from fine surface textures to larger items such as screws. Finally, the four-quadrant ring light allows for 3D photometric stereo inspection. All of these functions and features are packed into one light box.

Originally designed to be mounted on the end of a robotic arm, the DoAll Light includes several ports for connecting auxiliary lights, such as spotlights or linear lights. The DoAll Light is part of an advanced lighting system that includes the light, sequencing controller, 4ZMD (four-zone multi-drive) LED driver and cables. The DoAll Light comes with many options, including LED colors and optics.

The DoAll Light is now available in a limited version for key robotics and automotive manufacturing customers. The DoAll should be commercially available by the end of the year.

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