October 7, 2022

Charger guide helps NSW buildings prepare for electric vehicles – pv magazine Australia

More EV drivers will soon be able to charge at home and at work, with a step-by-step guide released by the NSW government and a pilot site providing proof of concept for EV-ready buildings .

New South Wales (NSW) Energy Minister Matt Kean said there were already more than 850 registrations for a new government webinar on helping to prepare flats and commercial buildings for the installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

“With the global shift to electric vehicles, it’s not a question of if, but when, buildings will need to provide charging options for electric vehicles,” he said.

“We provide guidance documents, templates and tools on how to retrofit these buildings on a convenient website.

“Having all the information in one place makes this an easy first step for apartment owners, condo organizations, tenants and building managers considering installing EV chargers in their buildings. .”

the EV Ready Buildings website provides a reliable and easy-to-use source of information, as well as practical tools and templates to help you navigate the process.

The Richmont Building in Pyrmont has been co-funded by the NSW Government to upgrade the electrical system to enable electric vehicle charging in all 104 parking spaces. They have already installed shared charging facilities in visitor parking spaces, and through this process they have discovered how to manage the charging of multiple electric vehicles without costly upgrades to building power supplies.

The state government has also supported EV feasibility studies in 15 residential and commercial buildings in Sydney Metro to assess EV upgrade costs. These studies have helped to understand the costs and options for retrofitting electric vehicle charging in existing buildings of varying ages, sizes, layouts and locations.

Kean said preparing a building for electric vehicles will increase property values ​​and attractiveness to tenants while helping to reduce vehicle emissions.

“The uptake of solar power in NSW has been exceptional, and as we transition to renewables, this program ensures clean driving and a clean future,” he said.

“Electric vehicles are expected to account for 50% of new car sales by 2030 in New South Wales, and the new guidance documents will help make that goal a reality while protecting the environment.”

Electric vehicle ready buildings are part of the government’s electric vehicle strategy announced last year as part of the NSW Net Zero plan. The strategy also includes $171 million over the next four years to ensure widespread, world-class coverage of fast electric vehicle charging across New South Wales.

EV Ready Buildings materials and webinar registration details are available at NSW Electric Vehicle Ready Buildings Webinar Webpage.