September 28, 2022

BoldMove expands “Smash & Reload” with new formats and themes

BoldMove’s Smash & Reload interactive dark ride will be on display at IAAPA Expo in booth #238, with an expanded selection of sizes and themes.

A Smash & Reload is currently in production for the French theme park LePAL. The interactive carousel is designed to fit into an existing building, with the TooMush IP as gameplay. BoldMove plans to diversify its IP offering and formats, with increased throughput to create an interactive dark ride that can stand alone or fit into premium locations.

Smash & Reload with TooMush theme and gameplay

Intermediate game approach for an inclusive attraction
Smash & Reload’s mid-game approach allows for simple and intuitive action-focused interactivity, based on a two-step approach to balance the skills of all players. This allows for an inclusive experience with a broad demographic reach: while dynamic (moving and rotating), vehicle movements are not extreme, characters are relatable with an easy-to-understand storyline. The ride features a full experience with vehicle motion, action, light and sound designed to keep players engaged throughout the ride.

Benoit Cornet, CEO of BoldMove Nation, explains, “All vehicles will be fully synchronized in fluid choreographic motion, meaning they spin and stop simultaneously on every screen while loading and crashing. This creates more excitement during the ride for all players and optimizes the experience, avoiding noise pollution between vehicles. Players are immersed in an overall “mood” that changes with each phase they play. To that end, we integrate exciting lighting and projection technologies on special materials inside and outside the ride with partners like Chauvet and Panasonic.

Changing atmosphere on Daltons Smash & Reload dark ride

Smart configurations for varied environments and greater capacity
The BoldMove Smash & Reload comes in two forms: the Original with five vehicles and the Compact XXS with three vehicles. These layouts can be multiplied, repeating the same content, or offering a different ride for each. Smash & Reload XXS can also be used as a component in a larger immersive experience, combining multiple stories and thus achieving greater capacity. An example of this creative use of available components is the 3XXS version (3 rooms). In this setup, three distinct narratives are made possible by combining them into a larger location as part of an overarching story and theme. These three rides can each feature their own immersive course, opening up possibilities for creative and repeatable activities.

New 3XXS and 2XO formats for Smash & Reload

For parks that need very high capacity, the Original can be used in multiples for stellar performance, operating in sync with each other as is the case with the 2XO combination. In this case, the two dark rides share the same entrance and pre-show, leading to a single loading and post-show platform. The amusement ride’s compact size and pragmatic, realistic setup provide an incredible experience at approximately 800 people per hour, limiting infrastructure requirements to a standard industrial building.

Smash & Reload Marsupilami themed dark ride

Benoit Cornet concludes: “We continue to develop and diversify the Smash & Reload range so that each location gets a unique configuration with different visit experiences. Our team can also turn an existing park mascot and story into an interactive driving experience with custom media and characters. I am proud to say that we have succeeded in creating a scalable dark ride that is affordable for everyone and will provide a fun and memorable experience for park visitors!