October 7, 2022

5 best cities to plan your retirement

Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials: plenty to live with and plenty to live with. For most people, retirement is not the end of the road but the start of an entirely new road. With the rise in global travel, retirees today think of both sides, traveling a lot and moving abroad. Recent data from the Social Security Administration shows that more than 700,000 Americans receive their payments abroad. Retiring abroad or in another state can bring exciting new experiences, a change of scenery, and a change in lifestyle. Let’s discuss the 5 best options for planning for retirement.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal)
    If you love the beach and enjoy surfing and sunbathing as well as golf, tennis, boating, hiking and biking, then Lisbon is for you. This gem in Portugal is a paradise for people who want a great life on a budget. The cost of living is much lower than in cities in Europe and the United States.

    Lisbon is very safe and clean and has often been ranked as the busiest tourist destination in the world. It is one of the most picturesque towns, beautiful views are found at every turn of its colorful and picturesque streets. Portugal has a class health system, with quality infrastructure and overall efficiency. Groceries and other items are relatively affordable. The weather is generally warm and windy. In Portugal, foreign pensioners can have their pension taxed at a flat rate of 10% for 10 years. One of the most encouraging qualities of Portugal is that foreigners can buy property very easily. The place is very lively and offers a lot for everyone.

  2. Madrid, Spain)
    Madrid is one of the safest capitals in Europe. This Spanish city is lively and a place where you can easily live and enjoy a high quality life with rich cultural and musical experiences. From Prada stores to the botanical garden, you can have it all. Eating out is cheap house rents, utilities and groceries are much cheaper than in the US. The infrastructure is extremely good and well maintained, the public transport system is affordable and efficient, and the healthcare services are world class and Madrid guarantees universal coverage for all its residents.

    Madrid, Spain

    The crime rate in terms of violence is very low. There is no security concern. Spaniards are sociable, warm and fun. They are generous and welcoming. The climate is very good and the days of spring and autumn are very sunny and the temperatures are fantastic. And of course, retirees have every right to enjoy the famous Spanish siesta. Madrid has everything one needs to live comfortably.
  3. Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
    Mexico is the preferred choice for retirees. The fascination of affording a car, a house, a housekeeper and a decent lifestyle drives many expats to Mexico. The coastal city of Puerto Vallarta has become a popular vacation destination due to the extensive filming of this resort town. Easily accessible by road, air and water, PV remains affordable and attractive.

    The city offers modern amenities, top-notch restaurants, well-equipped medical facilities, and a healthy dose of retail therapy. One can get the old world feeling in Old Town and the exuberance of urban condominiums in New Vallarta. The cost of living is reasonably lower than the rest of the US, Canada and Europe. Puerto Vallarta has a tropical climate, sunny and warm all year round. It offers a wonderful lifestyle with arts, culture and ever-expanding and joyful expat communities.

  4. Zagreb (Croatia)
    Croatia is becoming a popular destination for retirees, it is one of the safest countries in Europe. With clean air, a high quality of life and a very small population, it offers many relaxing towns and spectacular landscapes.

    Zagreb is a lively city, it has very good connectivity with the rest of Europe and showcases art and culture. With its array of world-class hospitals and medical specialists, it offers the best of healthcare facilities. House prices are reasonable and the cost of living is almost 37% lower than in the US, 45% lower than in Canada and comparatively lower than the rest of Europe.

    Zagreb has the energy of a big city, but at the same time it is very suitable for older people as all attractions are within walking distance. The cathedrals, museums and lakes are picturesque. The weather is hot in summer and cold in winter. All in all, it’s a haven for retirees who can enjoy the bustle and tranquility of the same city.

    Croatia has one of the most enviable lifestyles in the world. Croatians place a lot of importance on spending quality time with family and friends.

  5. Ann Arbor, Michigan
    For people who want to stay in the United States and enjoy a good life on a budget, Ann Arbor might be the right place. Ann Arbor is a classic example of contrasts, the city is both rural and urban. It’s a house that’s both sporty and smart, outdoorsy and high-tech, counter-culture and high-society.

    College towns are said to be ideal retirement destinations due to their opportunities for involvement, concerts, sporting events, libraries and museums, as well as restaurants and a lively atmosphere. Ann Arbor is home to renowned galleries and museums. It has a large pedestrian zone and is quite safe. It has good medical facilities and low taxes. The cost of living is not very high, Social security income is not taxed. Withdrawals from retirement accounts are partially taxed. Additionally, the state of Michigan has an excellent healthcare system, this and a variety of outdoor activities, cultural events and an attractive range of real estate prices make it a good option for retirees. .

Retirement is not the end of the road, but just a turning point in the road, we hope this article will help you take that right turn.

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